Project Based Learning

As a 100% Project Based Learning school, William Smith offers a variety of different projects throughout the year. Students can choose to spend their day engaged in one project or working on several projects. Projects not only teach students content knowledge, but incorporate 21st century skills such as collaboration, creativity, problem solving, and innovation. Projects integrate guest experts, fieldwork, and experiences that bring curriculum to life.

featured projects

your favorite plant. forever

In this class, students are learning the Chemistry and Biological concepts at an introductory level. They are creating three dimensional pieces of art using their favorite flower.

american ninja warrior

This class dives deep into pre-calculus while students learn more about ninja gyms and the design behind them. Students are able to reach new fitness goals they set and play all while calculating math functions.

hip hop literacy

Students in this project push themselves as writers and hip-hop artists while developing high-level literary analysis skills.

Students use their time in the class to create meaningful songs, record and perform as a final project.

Community Partnerships and Experiences

Encore Electric Opens Prefabrication and Tool Center -- Story HERE